Eric Bledsoe & Phoenix Suns Heading Toward Qualifying Offer


The Phoenix Suns offered a 4-yr $48 million deal early in the summer. To many that seemed reasonable, but this would ultimately be rejected by Eric Bledsoe and his agent. The contract talks have stalled, with neither side willing to adjust their stance in anyway.

Recently, though, it  has become more than likely that Eric Bledsoe will settle for the qualifying offer, which would be a one year deal worth close to $4 million.

Chris Broussard reported the news.

It is unfortunate that the relationship between the Suns and Bledsoe has only gone downhill after an impressive season.

From a business standpoint, the Suns need to start considering the future without Eric Bledsoe in their lineup. Yes, Bledsoe will be available for this upcoming year if he accepts the qualifying offer but this guarantees his departure in 2015.

The Suns need to consider the possibility of trading the young star, Eric Bledsoe, and getting a formidable asset in return. Or they can decide to increase their offer and secure Bledsoe’s future with Phoenix.

He most likely expects to have a max contract after seeing a player like Gordon Hayward receive one.

What the Suns need to avoid, is loosing Eric Bledsoe and getting absolutely nothing in return. This could be compared to the recent Kevin Love trade talks.

The Timberwolves would really like to keep Love but if they hold on to him until 2015, they lose him in free agency for nothing, which leaves them at the bottom of the totem poll for several years to come.

So who will make the next move? The Phoenix Suns or Eric Bledsoe?

No one knows for sure but when new developments come out, the fans on Heat Waved will be the first to know. That is one thing that is for sure.

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