Training Camp Scuffle A Good Sign For The Arizona Cardinals


The Arizona Cardinals were fired up after 32 point shut out of the Houston Texans.  They should be.  The Cardinals have had a good camp so far and the results are showing on the field.

But what does it mean when on-field intensity spills over onto the practice field?

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Only good things.

As the first set of  cuts approach, the Arizona Cardinal players are literally fighting for every inch available on the depth chart. With intensity like that scuffles are bound to happen.

That is what happened between when Darnell Dockett and Bradley Sowell locked up during practice on Monday but according to Sowell, it was just a matter of time.

"“If you noticed, we got into a skirmish every drill, so I knew it was going to get heated,” said Sowell, a backup. “But we’re teammates. It’s done now.”"

Sowell also pointed out that the skirmish wasn’t a result of any animosity between the two players but rather just a will to get better.

"“We were coming off a big win where we looked good,” Sowell said, “and the message (Monday) was to come out and don’t be complacent. Obviously, me and Dockett had the same mindset there.”"

Head coach Bruce Arians employed a strategy used by college and high school as punishment for the incident.  He ordered the two to do laps and made the teammates talk it in their journey around the field.

"Afterward, Sowell estimated he put in about three miles. “I’m a little younger, I was hoping I’d lap him,” said Sowell, who added that he hadn’t run laps since middle school."