Morning Meltdown – Phoenix Suns Edition


For this Morning Meltdown let’s take a look into some of the buzz surrounding the Phoenix Suns, their former trainer and a look at an offseason report.

Over 50 years ago, Joe Proski joined the Phoenix Suns as a trainer and things have changed drastically in the league since then. Sarah McLellan of azcentral discusses the per diem issue of today.

"“Staffs were cozier, and it wasn’t unusual for Proski and then-coach Johnny Kerr to huddle over mugs of beer on off-days or after games with a handful of players.The next morning, a wakeup call went out at 4 a.m. to catch a commercial flight, and the destination very well might have been a Holiday Inn, which was the go-to place in Buffalo, N.Y.Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy for Proski to recall the buffer between the action from years and years ago because no one could possibly confuse it with the five-star hotels, private planes and lavish spreads that accommodate today’s athletes.“It was a different time,” Proski said.”"

To read the rest of her piece, click here.

James Herbert of CBS sports analyzes the Phoenix Suns in his offseason report.

"“The Suns might have been the best non-playoff team in NBA history, which is amazing considering they were supposed to be tanking. New Phoenix general manager Ryan McDonough traded away veterans Marcin Gortat, Jared Dudley andLuis Scola before the season started, and few would have been surprised if Goran Dragichad gone next. It looked like his replacement, Eric Bledsoe, had already arrived, even if the Suns were saying all the right things about them coexisting.Then they coexisted beautifully. Rookie head coach Jeff Hornacek freed Dragic and Bledsoe to push the pace and make plays. Channing Frye, who had missed the entire 2012-2013 season because of heart surgery, was their perfect pick-and-pop partner.”"

To read more of James Herbert’s analysis, click here.

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