Morning Meltdown – Phoenix Suns Edition


For this Morning Meltdown, let’s take a look into some of the buzz surrounding the Phoenix Suns, as they struggle to seal the deal with star players and

Jim Coughenour discusses the fate of the Phoenix Suns if they continue to strike out in the offseason.

"“The Suns don’t necessarily need to hang their heads on the way back to the dugout (except possibly for the Bledsoe imbroglio). At least the team took some cuts instead of just watching the pitches fly by.Still, the missing swings are piling up. As I wrote about in a Going Gorilla post earlier this month, the largest contract the Suns have signed since 2006 was 5 years and $34 million to Josh Childress. That’s getting pretty damn close to a decade. Why can’t the Suns seal the deal?In 2012 the Suns gave a max offer sheet to Eric Gordon, but that was (in one of the most miraculous strokes of luck in the history of mankind) matched by the New Orleans Pelicans (then Hornets).”"

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Senior NBA Writer, Joel Brigham, of Basketball Insiders compiles a list of the top five NBA coaches on the rise. Lucky for Phoenix Suns fans, Jeff Hornacek is on the list!

"“What originally seemed like one of the most underwhelming head coaching hires in recent NBA history, Hornacek superseded all expectations this last season and almost led a Suns team to the playoffs that many thought would be in the hunt for Andrew Wiggins by April. The players spent all season lauding Hornacek’s patience and cool-headedness, though Hornacek’s fast-paced mentality and player friendliness were a perfect fit for this young, athletic team. He uses his players perfectly, making us forget that he was a rookie coach last season, and based on his early results, he’ll be manning the sidelines in the NBA for a very long time.”"

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