Goran Dragic’s Offseason Plans


Slovenian, Goran Dragic, has been overseas competing in the FIBA World Cup this summer but the NBA season is quickly approaching and it will soon be time to return to the NBA lifestyle. Dragic, member of the Phoenix Suns, had a career season last year having 20 points per game and shooting 40% from the 3-point line.

Like his teammate, Eric Bledsoe, there is uncertainty whether if either player will be a Sun after this season. While Bledsoe seems like a sure thing to run out-of-town as soon as free agency opens next year, Dragic thinks differently.

While overseas playing for Slovenia, Dragic spoke with a reporter in Spain about his current contract situation via Bright Side of the Sun which was translated to English:

"“Got a very interesting position with the club. Guess I’ll break the contract and sign a new one,” he said. “As I spoke [to the Suns], I immediately during the first week, when the market opens, sign and I will therefore be calm.”"

From what Dragic said, it seems like his plan is to opt out of his current contract next year and then quickly resign back with the Suns on a new deal.

This would be huge for the Suns knowing they have the upper hand in keeping one of their own players despite free agency next summer. Still, it is still logical to think that Dragic will still see what offers come in from different teams despite having a want to return to the Suns.

It is easy for Sun fans to get excited after hearing one of their cornerstone players in Goran Dragic, wanting to return back to the organization on a long-term contract next year. Still, we are still several months away from 2015 free agency so a lot can change within that time span.

It is still nice to hear that a formidable player wants to continue being a Phoenix Sun, unlike some others (Eric Bledsoe)….

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