Bledsoe and Phoenix Suns Finally Get Back to Basketball


The Phoenix Suns finally agreed to a contract with point guard Eric Bledsoe this week. It ended the extended hold out by Bledsoe and his agent Rich Paul. Paul, who also represents LeBron James, was largely thought to be in over his head. He showed his inexperience by showing his stubbornness when he refused to agree to anything less than a max contract. When no team other than the Minnesota Timberwolves even mentioned desire in giving Bledsoe the max, Paul remained quiet. Reports even came out that the Suns had not been in contact with Bledsoe for months.

Bledsoe who averaged 17.7 ppg, 5.5 apg, and 4.7 rpg in his first season with the Phoenix Suns also battled a knee injury which kept him out about half of the season. This was essentially the major reason why no team was willing to give him a max contract. It was Bledsoe’s second major knee surgery at just 24 years old. The Suns eventually agreed to a deal at five years, $70 million. It was a settlement in the middle of what both sides wanted. The original Suns’ offer was at $12 million a year, over four years, while Bledsoe’s camp wanted the full $16 million per year. They agreed this Wednesday at $14 million over five years, which only the Suns could offer. This way both parties feel like they didn’t give in too much to the other team’s demands.

While many believe that Bledsoe will be vastly overpaid, I believe that it is a great deal for the Suns. The contract is just two million dollars per year, than the original Suns’ offer. It also means the Suns lockup one of the most dynamic and explosive guards in the league, and allows them to maintain the best backcourt in the league. Re-signing Bledsoe allows the Suns to bring newly acquired, Isaiah Thomas off the bench. This will not only add depth to the Suns roster but it will also allow Coach Hornacek to manage Goran Dragic and Bledsoe’s minutes. The decreased minutes will help the Suns stars to remain healthy throughout the season.

Other fans have voiced their concern that Goran Dragic will be a free agent next year, and are concerned that they may not have enough cap space left to sign him. However, the Suns have already started making sure they don’t lose Goran, as they signed his brother Zoran out of the Euro league just a day after Bledsoe.

Although Bledsoe has never been the best point guard on his own team, he has always had all-star potential. It is also not a knock on Bledsoe’s skill level as the point guards he’s played with since college are John Wall, Chris Paul, and now Goran Dragic. If Bledsoe can just remain healthy for the entire season he will easily be a top 10 player at his position and all-star caliber player every year. The five year deal also is perfect for the Suns as Bledsoe’s knee is estimated to start giving out after he hits his 30s.

I also believe that all bridges will be healed between the Suns organizations and Bledsoe. Bledsoe has a whole lot of reasons to be happy with the Suns again. 70 million to be exact. The fans that were upset with Bledsoe after his demands for a max contract after playing just half a season will come back once he shows what he is capable of on the court. As soon as the season starts, Bledsoe, the Suns organization and the fans will forget the offseason friction and go back to trying to win games.

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