Arizona Coyotes Dismiss Shane Doan Trade Rumors


If there is one thing social media has excelled at in the sports world, it’s spreading rumors. More specifically, trade rumors. We have the ability to say anything we want and get that message out and seen across the world in a matter of seconds literally at our finger tips.

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There are actual insiders on social media that do have real information and fans who follow closely, know who they are and know that the information is often times good. Then, there are some who might not have that inside access or sources but still report as if they do.

The latter is what appears to be happening on Twitter in regards to the Arizona Coyotes and Shane Doan. On Jan. 5, the Twitter account @SportsHubAZ, run by Casey Gagnon, tweeted that Doan had requested a trade in November that was denied by General Manager Don Maloney.

He continued to report that Doan and Maloney have had arguments regarding the supposed trade request. This has apparently reached a “boiling point” and Doan has allegedly given Maloney a list of teams that he would accept a trade to.

These tweets have been making their way around Twitter and the Arizona Coyotes issued a response Thursday night.

Still not convinced?

"Doan is signed until the end of the 2015-16 season and during an interview with Pierre LeBrun of ESPN, Doan said, “When I made the decision a few years ago to stay with the team at 36 (years old), I said: ‘You know what? This is the bed I’m sleeping in. This is what I want.”Adding even more to the credibility of the Coyotes’ tweet, Yahoo Sports reached out to one of their trusted sources in Arizona and they said, “The Coyotes denied him (Gagnon) a press pass at the start of the season and he retaliated by slamming our real media and our media department. So in true Coyotes fan fashion, he was punked with a bunch of rumors that he spread without checking his sources.”"

It’s very common for teams to deny speculation and rumors, even when there is actual truth to them. The difference here is the manner in which the Coyotes went about dismissing this issue.Teams usually put out a short press release, but the Coyotes took a different road here.

Aside from none of this fitting Doan’s personality, the humorous dismissal by the team should prove that there is no weight to any of the rumors.