The Effect of Todd Bowles Heading To New York


Last night, the New York Jets picked Todd Bowles to be their head coach, snatching him from the Arizona Cardinals.

A lot of people knew that Bowles was going to be a hot commodity when the season ended and we expected him to get a head-coaching gig somewhere. The Jets won out and got the brilliant defensive mind and the Cards lost out with this move.

This story will feature the lost and gains for both teams. So let’s get started with the Jets.

1: Solid coach

Bowles turned a defense missing stars and filled with replacement players and made them a top 10 unit. Though the defense struggled towards the end of the season, the offense didn’t help them at all at the end, dragging the defense down to mediocrity.

The Jets new head coach will have some talent to play with on the defensive side of the football and he will have a lot of money to spend with New York being nearly $40 million under the salary cap.

2: Gets a coach from the Parcells tree

Bowles is a disciple of the Bill Parcells coaching tree. This tree features a lot of great coaches like Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin and Sean Payton to name a few. All of those coaches have a super bowl ring to their credit and have been excellent throughout this decade and half.

It’s a bit too much to just go out and say Bowles will win a title since he’s a Parcells student but I believe he will succeed with this team.

3: Jets go defense… again

A negative about this move is the Jets went for another defensive-minded head coach after going that direction with every head coach since Parcells, who was considered an all around head coach. They could have gone for Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase or Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak but they went with Bowles.

I do like this signing, it’s just that the Jets need to fix up that offense and I feel an offensive-minded coach would have gotten that done better.

Now the Cards….

1: They lost a great coach

Say what you will about the Cards 2014 season, but it showed a lot of people how great a defensive coordinator Bowles is. He ran a team that got decimated by injuries and still took them to a top 10 ranking defensively. The Cards tried to keep him but to no avail.

Now they must move on and find their next man up, a mentality they used all season.

2: New coach, possibly better results

Whoever Arizona gets to be the next defensive coordinator, they will have a lot of talent left over from Bowles and if this team improves and gets healthy, the new guy could possibly do better. Bowles understood he didn’t have a pass rush without blitzing and if the Cards go out and get that pass rusher, that could make a huge difference.

The Red Birds could go with more zone defenses, which would take some of that pressure away from the secondary and cause less man coverage. That would have a big time effect on this team.

These are a couple of the positive and negative effects of Bowles picking New York over Arizona and hopefully both sides succeed in the near future.