Randy Johnson To Enter Hall of Fame As A Diamondback


It was announced today that Randy Johnson has decided to enter the Hall of Fame as a Diamondback. He will be the first representative for Arizona in the Hall of Fame.

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At the time the 2015 class was announced, Johnson was reluctant to announce what team he would select to be on his plaque. Of the six teams that he played for, the discussion was really down to only two teams, Seattle and Arizona.

Johnson had more starts, wins and innings pitched in Seattle than Arizona. He is also credited with saving baseball in the northwest. According to the Hall though, you enter the Hall with team in which you left your distinguished mark on the game.

He absolutely left his distinguished mark on the game in Arizona. He won four Cy Young awards, a World Series and threw a perfect game. Those four Cy Young awards by the way, were all won consecutively with his home ballpark being known as a hitters park. Making his Arizona resume more distinguished, he didn’t come to the Diamondbacks until he was 35 years old. All of this was accomplished when he was older and supposed to be on the decline.

In a statement released by the Hall of Fame, Johnson said:

"“After reflecting the last week and conferring with the Hall of Fame, we’ve come to the decision that the Diamondbacks logo on my Hall of Fame plaque makes the most sense. I want to express my most sincere thanks to all the teams I played for – Montreal, Seattle, Houston, the New York Yankees and San Francisco – and particularly all of the fans for supporting me. I’m very humbled by this honor.”"

Shortly After the Johnson’s cap announcement, the Arizona Diamondbacks also announced that the organization will be retiring Johnson’s number 51 on August 8 at Chase Field.

The Diamondbacks organization is still very young, they’re not even 20 years old yet, but they have already won a World Series and now have a representative in the Hall of Fame. There are still some teams that have been around for much longer and are yet to have either. This is a special day for the organization and more importantly, Randy Johnson.