Arizona Cardinals Inching Closer to Hiring Dick LeBeau


We may be soon getting closer to some resolution on the Dick LeBeau situation with the Arizona Cardinals.

According to Alex Marvez of, the Cardinals are trying to bring on the former defensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers as their new linebackers coach.

Of course, the Cardinals are without a linebackers coach at the moment. Todd Bowles took Mike Caldwell, the former occupant of that position, with him in the same role with the New York Jets.

Ever since he left the Steelers, the Cardinals have been a rumored destination for LeBeau. Him taking this particular position is a new development however as it has been rumored that LeBeau would take a role similar to that of Tom Moore, just on the defensive end.

LeBeau’s long resume speaks for itself. He has been in the league for 56 straight seasons, including 14 as a player. He got the well deserved honor of being put in the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in 2010.

The 77-year-old is widely considered to be the best defensive coordinator in NFL history. LeBeau is best known for creating the zone blitz defense during his time with the Cincinnati Bengals when he was the defensive coordinator there during the 1980’s.

With LeBeau more than likely taking a position job, it means that the Cards will still need to hire someone to take over the DC role. It’s likely that they are going to pick an in-house candidate, with James Bettcher and Nick Rapone being the most likely options, but there’s a chance that they could hire someone outside the organization as well.

Bruce Arians is said to be interested in meeting with Mike Nolan, who was the defensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons for the past three seasons. The Falcons defense struggled this past season, but that can be put more on their lack of talent than on Nolan’s schemes.

My vote would be to pick an in-house candidate. I don’t know a ton on either Bettcher or Rapone, but it seems like both would be ready to take over the job and continuity is always a good thing when you have a quality staff.

Plus, they would have one heck of a mentor in LeBeau if he does indeed join the Cardinals coaching staff.