Suns Look To Get Back on Winning Track Against Clippers


Later this evening, the Suns will face the Clippers in Phoenix for a big game.

The Suns are coming off a tough defeat on Friday after the Rockets James Harden hit a buzzer-beater to win the game. The Suns had won four straight before that. Meanwhile, the Clippers have been on a roll, winning four of their last five games, which include a huge win over Portland.

This game will feature two high scoring teams that can break 100 points easily and both are good at sharing the basketball.

Eric Bledsoe is coming off an amazing game in which he put up 25 points, nine assists and eight rebounds. The last time these two teams did play, Bledsoe got himself a triple double, putting up 27 points, 16 assist and 11 rebounds.

The Suns, however, did lose that game in overtime thanks to a big three from Blake Griffin. If the Suns want to beat this Clipper team, they need another big night from their star guard. The Suns also need to find their rhythm early if they want to come out victorious.

Phoenix is a much better second half team and they usually get it together by the fourth quarter but they need to go point for point with the Clips in this game. They are too dangerous to leave with a lead and if they can keep pace with them, it should change the Clippers game plan.

Keep an eye on Goran Dragic in this one. He had an awful night against the Rockets, putting up two points and two assists, and he needs to get that spark to help set him off. If he can get some quick easy shots early, the Clippers should watch out.

The Clips have a lot of talent and they have a rebounding monster in DeAndre Jordan. He leads the NBA in rebounds per game with 13.4 boards and he is the huge physical presence for the Clips. Griffin is great and a very talented player but he doesn’t carry himself the way Jordan does.

Point Guard Chris Paul will be tough for the Suns to deal with since he’s such a great all around player. The Suns will most likely have P.J. Tucker guarding him as well as Dragic to contain the animal but with only one mistake, Paul will strike the paint fast and hard.

I feel the Clippers will win not only because they are more talented but the Suns just lost a brutal game to the Rockets and may not be in the right mindset for this game. It should be a fun game though and be entertaining throughout.