Richard Sherman Is Right Again With Latest Comments


As a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, you naturally are supposed to hate everything regarding the Seattle Seahawks. For the most part, I do.

Ever since his early days at USC, I’ve disliked Pete Carroll. Yes, it’s mostly because he wins all the time, especially against the teams I root for, but the man is just too darn cheerful for a guy who turned 63 last September.

The number of people who have jumped on their bandwagon the last two years has annoyed the hell out of me. A couple of years back, I don’t think I ever saw anyone with Seahawks gear, but suddenly they are everywhere I go here in Phoenix.

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Another favorite target of Cardinals fans is Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman. For the last couple years, Cards fans have debated who is better between Sherman and Patrick Peterson, a debate which I think leans heavily in Sherman’s direction.

Sherman, who grew up in Compton and attended college at Stanford, has also been very vocal regarding his opinions since he entered the league in 2011. I may not agree with 1oo percent of the stuff that comes out of his mouth, but he’s right in what he says the majority of the time.

Back in 2013, Sherman criticized the NFL on the topic of player safety, an issue that he was completely right on. Last year, in a very funny skit with his teammate Doug Baldwin, he called out the league’s hypocrisy on alcohol.

"“It sounds like we’re in league where they say, ‘Players, you don’t endorse any alcohol — please don’t endorse alcohol, no DUIs please.’ But yet a beer sponsor is their biggest sponsor. Doug, how do you feel about that,” Sherman asked.“Sounds pretty hypocritical to me,” Baldwin said."

With the Super Bowl now less than a week away, Sherman is in the news once again, this time because of his comments on the topic of DeflateGate, which has taken the country by storm over recent days.

"“Will they be punished? Probably not,” Sherman said. “Not as long as Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell are still taking pictures at their respective homes.“You talk about conflict of interest. As long as that happens, it won’t affect them at all. Nothing will stop them.”"

Sherman is referring to picture that Goodell and Kraft took together at Kraft’s house the night before the AFC Championship Game. The photo was posted on the New England Patriots official Twitter account.

Yet again, Sherman is right here. It looks really bad when Goodell is seen being friendly with the owner of the team that broke a league rule the very next day. I was never a PR major in college, but that is just common sense.

This just isn’t a PR issue either. This is a question of fairness. Goodell laid the hammer down on the New Orleans Saints over BountyGate, with head coach Sean Payton being the biggest culprit having a season long suspension. Goodell gave the Patriots just a slap on the wrist over SpyGate back in 2007.

This latest issue is just one of many bad things that has come under Goodell’s watch, a man who is slowly becoming one of the worst commissioner’s in the history of sports.

Back, to Sherman though. Whether you like the man or not, you have to admire him voicing his opinion on a regularly basis. There just aren’t a lot of players across the league who speak their minds because they are afraid of fines and backlash from fans.

I may not like the team he plays for, but I respect Sherman as a man and I hope he continues to express his opinions on the NFL’s hot topic issues.