Super Bowl 49: Ailing Seahawks Secondary Could Spell Super Blowout


A team must have talent win Super Bowl Championship, that goes without saying.  That said at the end of a season the Championship is often determined not only by talent but by health.  For the Seattle Seahawks defense the long and grueling NFL season is starting to take its toll.  With the all the New England Patroit’s offensive weapons at full strength that could spell trouble for the Hawks and their quest for a Super re-peat.

Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor all nursing nagging injuries.

According to SI’s Peter King Strong Safety Kam Chancellor, who has struggled with a sore knee all season, left practice early on Friday with his knee wrapped.

"Kam Chancellor fell near the goal line, was helped up, then missed the final play of practice. He left the field after practice without a limp but with his left knee wrapped."

Chancellor is the Seahawks best option in the secondary to cover Rob Gronkowski. Although Chancellor is listed as probable and will most likely play in the Super Bowl, it remains to be seen whether the knee injury will affect his ability effectively cover the Patroit’s 6′ 6″ tight end.

Free Earl Thomas is also nicked up after suffering a dislocated shoulder in the NFC Championship game two weeks ago.  Thomas is major part of the Seahawks run defense.  Reports are that his shoulder is redubbed but could appear again once he lays a hit on the downward running LeGarrette Blount.

Richard Sherman also suffered and injury during the Seahawks NFC Championship win.  The strained ligaments in his hyper-extended elbow are said to be ready to go.  But if Sherman aggravates the injury it will be difficult to defend New England’s athletic receivers.  It’s difficult to play corner with one arm.  Even for Richard Sherman.

As it turns out a tricky elbow isn’t the biggest factor determining Richard Sherman’s participation in Super Bowl 49.  His girl friend is expecting their first child and if ht baby decides to make a Super Bowl appearance, it could prevent the best corner in the NFL from playing in its biggest game.

"“I’ve thought about the possibility of his coming during the game or coming before the game,” Sherman said this week. “We have things in place in case that happens. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.“I would not like to miss the birth of my first kid,” he added. “Hopefully, and God willing, we won’t have to cross that bridge.”"

Normally this group of talented defensive backs would be very effective even if they were only at 80%.  But this is the Super Bowl and the Seahawks are facing a group of training assassins on offense.  The Seahawks will need all hands on deck to slow them down.  If they don’t the Super Bowl could turn into a Super blowout.

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