NBA Trade Rumors: Goran Dragic Turning Up The Heat On The Suns


Goran Dragic may be the most publicized and controversial player move since LeBron James took his talents to south beach.  After tell the Suns that he won’t sign an extension and then telling the media that he “doesn’t trust” his team anymore, Dragic is at it again.

The information “leaked” from this source takes four potential trade partners off the table.  It seems that Dragic’s people are trying to force the Suns into a trade with team on his preferred list. That could severely handicap the Suns in their negotiations and diminish any return they could get in a trade.

Further complicating the process is the rumor that the Suns are trying to include Zoran Dragic in a package with his now infamous brother.  according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo sports the Suns are trying to purge themselves of the entire Dragic tragedy.

"The Suns signed Goran’s brother, Zoran, to a two-year contract last summer, largely as a way to make the Suns star more comfortable with re-signing with the organization. With Goran wanting out, the Suns are trying to attach Zoran to trade packages with him, league sources told Yahoo Sports."

It is now safe to say that the Phoenix Suns plan to dominate the Western Conference with a three-guard mega rotation was a complete failure.  At some point General Manager Ryan McDonough will have to be held accountable for the failure. For now he must concentrate on digging his team out of this hole while simultaneously trying to prepared them for a playoff run.

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