Phoenix Suns Roundtable: Season Wrap-Up

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"HW: Who was your biggest disappointment?"

KB: I’m not going to go with one player in particular, but the team as a whole. This team had such a surprisings season last year and the way this season ended was just a giant disappointment.

Maybe the expectations were just too high for such a young team in the beginning of the season, but this team not maturing enough was not fun to see.

JO: Gerald Green. To me he was supposed to be the spark off the bench, but Marcus Morris took that role as the streaky three-point shooter off the bench.

Green only really averaged 12 points a game, but it felt like it should have been much more. Night after night, he would shoot tons of threes and only come back with a couple of points.

CS: Green

EB: Why the Suns did not take Nerlens Noel or Ben McLemore with the sixth pick in 2012 is beyond me.

Len can’t stay healthy to save his life. His production over the course of the year was okay, but he must improve his weight and offensive repertoire in order to be the center the Suns want.