NFL Draft: Should the Cardinals trade up?


One of the more entertaining moments in the NFL draft is seeing a team trade up to a higher pick. It’s so much fun to think about what trades should work and which trades will fall on their face. One of the teams we haven’t heard from for trading up is the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals are usually content with the pick they have and they usually don’t trade their picks around, especially the first round. I feel like that’ll be the same this year as well.

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The reason I say this is they could get the talented players they need, based on position needs, at the 24th overall pick.

They need a pass rusher and two of the top pass rushers are sure to fall after being caught with drugs. They can snatch Randy Gregory or Shane Ray with their pick and not have to trade up to get them.

When it comes to running backs, they can get either Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon due to the idea that most likely, only one of them could be taken before their pick.

They can also wait for a corner as well as that position is deep as well. It feels like this year, every position they have a need for is either deep or there should be someone available that would be worth trading up for but fall due to off the field issues.

The Cards could trade down but I think they’ll take their pick and make a decision with it. They will most likely take one of the two pass rushers who’ll fall but they could switch it up on us during the draft.

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