Arizona Coyotes File Restraining Order Against Glendale


The Arizona Coyotes have filed a restraining order against the City of Glendale and the court battle has officially begun.

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Here is the statement released by the team on Friday regarding the restraining order,

"“The Arizona Coyotes have acted to defend their rights and reaffirm their continuing commitment to their great fans by seeking a restraining order to stop the City of Glendale’s baseless attack on, and improper attempt to void, the Coyotes’ lawful and proper lease to play at Gila River Arena. The suit was filed in Maricopa County Superior Court against the City of Glendale, the Glendale City Council and other City officials.”"

This, of course, comes after the Glendale city council voted 5-2 in favor of cancelling the Coyotes lease to play at Gila River Arena on Wednesday night.

The National Hockey League also issued a statement regarding what the Coyotes plan to do to combat the city of Glendale,

"“The National Hockey League stands by, and will fully support, the Arizona Coyotes in their efforts to vindicate their contractual rights in response to last night’s outrageous and irresponsible action by the City of Glendale.“We continue to proceed on the basis that the Coyotes will remain in Glendale and will be playing their home games at Gila River Arena.”"

Coyotes president and CEO Anthony LeBlanc promised the City of Glendale council members and Coyotes fans that the team would do everything possible to fight this action taken by the city and on Friday, Coyotes leadership made good on that promise.

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A Maricopa County Superior Court Judge granted the Coyotes request for a temporary restraining order against Glendale on Friday. This blocks Glendale’s attempt to kick the Coyotes out of Gila River Arena for the time being.

After the the Judge’s decision, Glendale’s city attorney confirmed that former city attorney Craig Tindall and former assistant city manager Julie Frisoni were the two in question by the city pertaining to the conflict of interest argument.

LeBlanc was asked about moving from Glendale after the Judge’s decision and he stated that they were still committed to playing at Gila River Arena. He did confirm that Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton reached out to the team’s attorney and spoke about a possible back up plan should the Coyotes be forced out of Glendale.

This is only the first step in the Coyotes fight against the City of Glendale. Team attorney, Nick Wood, stated they would also be filling claims of $200 million against the city.

The next court date for the Coyotes v City of Glendale is June 29. Strap in, folks, we are in for yet another long Coyotes offseason legal battle.

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