Suns Player Spotlight: Markieff Morris


Markieff Morris was one of the Suns most consistent players last season. He averaged just above 15 points a game, as well as six rebounds a game. His brother Marcus Morris was just traded to the Detroit Pistons, splitting them up for the first time since Marcus’ stint with Houston

Markieff is a product of the University of Kansas being drafted 13th overall by the Suns in 2011. The 6’10 power forward can also play at center because of his height and can shoot the deep ball if he really wants. This was his best NBA season and will most likely keep improving.

His rookie season he only started 7 games but played in 63 until he started 32 games in 2012. The 2013 season rolled on and he didn’t start one game but he played in 81. He filled that 6th man role until this past season where he took over as the starting power forward and played in all 82 games.

This season was tiring for the 4 year veteran as he averaged 31 minutes a game which was new compared to his low 20’s just the year before. With the addition of new center Tyson Chandler, he can take in some advice from one of the greatest rebounders in the game as of now.

In September of 2014, the Suns gave him a 4 year extension worth 32 million dollars which will make him a free agent come 2019. College scouts didn’t expect him to be as good as he is today which mad him a steal with the 13th pick in 2011 for Phoenix.

With Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe up top and Morris and Chandler down low, the Suns become a threat in the Pacific Division just under the Golden State Warriors. They failed to sign a big name player this offseason but that gives Morris the chance to be one of the leaders of the team.

At 245 pounds, Morris’ strength and physique gives him that edge over others down low to make him a potential all star if he puts in that extra work in the offseason.

Although it was sad to see Marcus go, the Suns got to at least keep the better one of the twins. In the next coming years, Markieff could reach heights no one thought he could. The city of Phoenix will get used to this guy as he could be here a long time.