Arizona Cardinals Secondary Depth Chart

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They are players that receive the most attention when teams put 35 points on the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals secondary struggled at time in 2014, but as the team heads into the 2015 season they have 17 secondary players on the team.

There are four positions that the players will be vying for; two cornerbacks, a strong safety, and a free safety. The team finished the season with nine secondary players, and will most likely start the season with the same amount. This is a problem for many of the secondary players currently on the roster. Of those final nine players at the end of 2014, eight still remain.

This may be the easiest depth chart to fill for the Cardinals coaches, as they have one spot for sure up for grabs, but the coaches could possibly keep ten secondary players, meaning two spots for players to fight for.

One of the most solid-looking positions for the Cardinals is the cornerback position. They will keep at least four corners, which helps when the team has a lot of depth and talent. The depth chart is as follows…