Arizona State and Adidas Release new Uniforms


A while back the Arizona State Sun Devils and Adidas reached a deal to have all of the Sun Devils athletic teams switch over from Nike to Adidas. This morning, the Sun Devils and Adidas came together to release the different uniform designs that the football team will wear this Fall.

The typical home design with maroon pants, maroon top, and maroon helmet with the gold pitchfork will be back. The Sun Devils will also pair this design with a slightly different design…

The Sun Devils second home jersey is with the gold pants, maroon top, and maroon helmet with the gold pitchfork. A gold helmet will also be available to these two combinations when the Sun Devils woo their home town faithful at Sun Devil Stadium.

One time per year the Sun Devils break out their all-black uniforms at home for their “blackout” game. Two years ago the team wore them when they won a bizarre game against a ranked Wisconsin team, but dropped last year’s blackout game to UCLA. My bet would be that the blackout game would take place when the Oregon Ducks come to Tempe on October 29.

Finally, the all-white road jerseys. The “iced out” jerseys are paired with beautiful cleats. Of course, the team can pair the white jerseys with maroon or gold bottoms and any of their helmets, but the all-white look is incredibly slick.

It is shaping up to be a good year for the Sun Devils with their new Adidas jerseys. This new brand could go a long way toward helping the Sun Devils look even better when they are winning.

How do you feel about the new jerseys? Which one is your favorite?