Do the Suns have a chance in the West?

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The NBA’s western conference was shaken up this past off-season and the Suns were right in the middle of it all. The Suns shook up the roster by adding a couple good rookies, some great veteran leaders and sending off players as a salary dump.

But even with the moves the Suns have made, the major question is still do the Suns have a legitimate chance at making the playoffs in the stacked Western conference? In my opinion they have a chance to squeak in, but that chance is very slim.

First take a look at the final standings in the Western Conference from 2014:

1 Golden State 67-15

2 Houston 11 GB

3 Los Angeles (Clippers) 11 GB

4 Portland 16 GB

5 Memphis 12 GB

6 San Antonio 12 GB

7 Dallas 17 GB

8 New Orleans 22 GB

9 Oklahoma City 22 GB

10 Phoenix 28 GB

11 Utah 29 GB

12 Denver 37 GB

13 Sacramento 38 GB

14 Los Angeles (Lakers) 46 GB

15 Minnesota 51 GB