Heat Waved Fantasy Football Draft Follow-Up

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No. 9 Pick: Charlie Sides

Q. Why did you choose LeSean McCoy ninth overall pick?

A. I chose LeSean McCoy ninth overall because he’s an all around back. Honestly I was going to take Arian Foster but he was chosen the pick before me. Although McCoy is making the transition to Buffalo I know he will remain an elite back. One other big thing was he is he’s healthy. He wasn’t hurt majorly last season and that helped.

Even though he didn’t live up to his rushing title from two years ago last season, he still played well. He rushed for 1300 yards and rushed for 5 touchdowns which is still very good. He is by far the NFL’s quickest starting running back and will come back strong this season.

The most important reason why I added him is because Buffalo doesn’t have a real starting quarterback yet. Nobody has the job yet but whoever it is won’t contribute that well. Their easiest way to score will be on the ground with Shady. He fits right into Rex Ryan’s offensive scheme and will get most of the touches because Fred Jackson is getting older.

Q. Choosing Stephen Gostkowski in the 11th round was a bold move, why did you choose him so early?

A. I chose Stephen Gostkowski in the 11th round because I had a pretty solid bench already. Obviously he is the best kicker in the league making 35 of his 37 attempts last year. He just signed a four year contract with New England and that ensures he will stay with the best offensive team in the league.

The major reason why I chose him is because he plays on the Patriots. A team of Brady, Edelman, and Gronk is pretty offensively stacked. He will put up crazy amounts of extra points and have easy field goal attempts. Gostkowski is great overall even with the unpredictable weather in New England.

I feel he will be the best kicker in the NFL again this season just like last. Sometimes a kicker is what can make or break a week for you and Gostkowski will be a great add for me.

Q. What grade would you give your draft and why?

A. I would give myself an overall draft grade a B+. This is by far my best team I have ever assembled and I know I will go far. Every year I take part in fantasy football and I bust. A receiving core of Calvin Johnson, T.Y. Hilton, and Keenan Allen seems pretty solid to me. Drew Brees will be my quarterback as rookie Jameis Winston will be on the bench. The Texans defense will be vicious this year with J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney at the ends hopefully giving me a lot of points.

My sleepers on the team in my opinion are Joseph Randle and Allen Robinson. Robinson is supposedly having a great camp and could partake into this season. Overall I’m really happy with my selections and could have a chance of going very far.