Sun Devils add White to Football Home Color Guide


In the past, Sun Devil stadium has been filled with students and fans decked out in matching gold, maroon and black colors as they help cheer on the Sun Devils as they march toward another PAC-12 title.

This year, though, Arizona State will add another color to the mix: white. All fans are encouraged to wear white during the home contest on September 18 against New Mexico. This year’s “White Out” game will add to the “Maroon Monsoon” and “Black Out” games that have become a yearly tradition in the past.

During that Sept. 18 home game, the Sun Devils will be decked out in new, all-white uniforms, matching the fans surrounding them in Sun Devil Stadium.

The Sun Devils open up the 2015 season in Houston as they take on Texas A&M. They return to Tempe for the home opener on September 12 against Cal Poly where fans are encouraged to wear gold.

The following week is the debut of the “White Out” game with the “Maroon Monsoon” game the following week on September 26 in a game against USC. (That also happens to be parent weekend on the ASU campus.)

And finally, the “Black Out” game returns on October 10 when the Devils host Colorado. The rest of the season, fans are encouraged to wear gold.

Below is a nice graphical schedule illustrating the color guide for ASU fans:

2015 ASU football home schedule with color guide for fans.

According to a report from 12 News, the Sun Devils have worn all-white uniforms only four times in the last four years dating back to 2011. In that span they have gone 1-3, but none of those games were at home.

So, they Sun Devils could make history on Sept. 18 picking up their first win in all-white home uniforms.

As far as the rest of the Sun Devils’ uniforms go, it appears the only jersey combination that ASU is not successful in is the all-black look. Dating back to 2011, the Sun Devils are 2-4 in all-black uniforms, according to House of Sparky. 

However in the all-maroon uniforms that the team wears for the “Maroon Monsoon” game, ASU is 4-1.

But the most successful uniform combination for the Sun Devils is the gold helmet, maroon shirt and gold pants combination. They are 5-1 since 2011 while rocking those colors.

So does the uniform combination matter when it comes to the Sun Devils’ success? Or are their wins and losses in specific jerseys just a matter of coincidences?

Personally, I have always been a superstitious guy. So I definitely believe that if teams are slumping they should change up their look. On the flip side, if their finding success while wearing a certain look, they should stick to that for as long as possible.

We’ll see how things play out here in 2015, especially since the Sun Devils are sporting the Adidas brand after ditching Nike, which revamped their look back in 2011.