Phoenix Suns to Honor Steve Nash on October 30


Steve Nash will be inducted into the Phoenix Suns Ring of Honor at halftime on October 30th when the Suns play the Portland Trailblazers.

It’s no surprise that this is happening it’s more of a matter of when it was going to happen. Nash is the Suns All time leader in Assist with 6,997, Three Point Shots made with 1,051, and free throw percentage at 90.7%. Although he was originally drafted by the Suns in 1996, he didn’t really establish his legacy until he returned to the Suns in 2004 when he became a free agent and signed a six year $63 million dollar deal with the Suns.

On his return to the Suns, Nash not only gave fans an impressive display of “how did he make that pass?!” assist, but he also gave the fans hope. Before returning, the Suns had a record of 29 wins and 53 losses. The first year back Nash led the team to a 62-20 record, the best record in the NBA.

As if that wasn’t good enough for the best return season ever, Nash also averaged 16.9 PTS, 11.5 AST all while shooting 50.6% from the field and 42.3 from behind the arc. Oh, and he won the MVP that season over Shaq.

Nash essentially made the Suns a threat again. In his next eight seasons with the Suns he led them playoffs in five of the eight seasons including three Western Conference finals. He was the team. Whenever the Suns were mentioned Steve Nash’s name always came up. If you went to a Suns game back then (and even now) the most common  jersey you see is number 13 with the letters N-A-S-H arched over the number.

Jul 23, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Former professional basketball player Steve Nash greets volunteers during a men

He was the player to watch and whenever the Suns were in a pickle he was the man to give the ball too. No, we wouldn’t always score the ball, but whether he shot the ball or not if the ball went into the net he was the player that made it happen. He was the Suns general, and now they’re saluting him.