Season Preview: Arizona State Sun Devils Football

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Dec 27, 2014; El Paso, TX, USA; Arizona State Sun Devils head coach Todd Graham during the second quarter as his team faces the Duke Blue Devils in the 2014 Sun Bowl at Sun Bowl Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Heat Waved: Arizona State is coming off of a 10-3 season and got all the way up to No. 6 in the nation before losing to Oregon State (still too soon). What do you think of Arizona State’s chances of reaching double digit victories for their third consecutive season?

Charlie Sides: ASU could have a ten win season but that all depends on if they can beat Texas A&M in Houston. That is pivotal because if they win that, they have a pretty easy stretch until they start up conference play. Unless Cal Poly or New Mexico can pull off an upset, it will be hard for the Sun Devils to win less than 10.

Kody Acevedo: It’s going to be extremely tough for the Sun Devils to repeat another 10+ winseason, but they are more than capable. The problem is, there won’t be any room for error (like a loss to Oregon State). They have to bring their best playduring games they know they can win.

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The toughest opponents the Sun Devils will face this season are teams from the PAC-12. They have an extremely tough stretch from September 26- October 29, when they face USC, UCLA, Utah and Oregon.

Remember, ASU lost big time to UCLA last season (62-27) and barely pulled out wins against Utah and USC. Had those two games gone the other way, and they very well could have, we would be talking about an 8-5 2014 season.

2015 will be tough. But, if the Sun Devils can pull off victories against those four teams, they will very likely be right back where they were last season, on the crest of a playoff spot.

Jackson Manchego: I really like the chances of the Sun Devils reaching double-digit wins for the third year in a row. A few of the early losses last year could have been contributed to a young defense and of course the injury at the quarterback position. This year, the defense is more experienced and I believe that the offense will be better with Bercovici in the backfield.

Madalyn Heimann: I believe that with the team that Arizona State has assembled, and the teams they will play, there is a pretty good chance that they will hitdouble digit wins for the third straight season. They play some tough games but if they are able to continue with the success they had last season (minus the Oregon State game) they can make it to double-digit wins.

Josh Frons: It’s going to be very tough to get back to double digit wins this year for the Sun Devils. Of their 12 regular season games, only the following five are “guaranteed wins”: Cal Poly, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington State and Cal. They would have to get another five wins from the combination of Texas A&M, UCLA, USC, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and a bowl game. I don’t see that happening.

Eli Burk: I think Arizona State has a very good chance at reaching double digit wins again this season, however with games at UCLA and at Utah, reaching ten wins will be no easy task.

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