Season Preview: Arizona State Sun Devils Football

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Nov 15, 2014; Corvallis, OR, USA; Oregon State Beavers running back Terron Ward (28) 66 yards past Arizona State Sun Devils defensive back Lloyd Carrington (8) for a touchdown in the first quarter at Reser Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

HW: As noted above, Arizona State reached No. 6 in the nation last year. Do you think Arizona State has a chance to crack the top-4 this year and reach the College Football Playoffs? What must they accomplish to get there?

CS: Arizona State for sure has a chance, but they will probably need to play Oregon twice, once in the regular season and the Pac 12 championship. Like I said, they will have to beat A&M and USC and I think they will.

KA: If the Sun Devils don’t lose a game, they will reach the top four. It’s going to be an incredible feat though.

Do they have a chance? Absolutely.  Is It likely? Not too sure. Again, the PAC-12 is extremely competitive. Oregon represented the league in the top 4 last year and ASU this year possesses the same level of talent of that Ducks team.

So it’s very possible that they replace Oregon in the top four and compete for a National Championship.

But, they can’t lose a game. Otherwise, the College Football Playoff Committee will probably drop them from the spotlight. An undefeated record will certainly make some noise. The polls certainly can’t ignore them if they are able to accomplish that.

JM: In order to make the playoffs this year I firmly believe Arizona State must run the table and go undefeated. There’s a chance that they can do it with one loss on the record, but much like Ohio State did last year, that loss will have to be early in the season and they have to be playing their best football at the end of the year, including a big win in the Pac-12 championship which they must earn a trip to.

MH: In order for the Sun Devils to reach the College Football Playoffs, which they could do, they must win at home. Sun Devil Stadium and Frank Kush Field are always loud and with the new student sections it could get even louder. The team needs to win at home and win the game they are suppose to win if they want to get to the College Football Playoffs. Another obstacle they will have to overcome is winning the PAC-12 title. They will need the PAC-12 Title in order to advance to the College Football Playoffs.

JF: Is this a joke? I mean sure, they’ve got a shot. UCLA is starting a true freshman at QB, which could go terribly. I don’t think it will. USC could replace their head coach if Steve Sarkisian has another public incident. I don’t think he will.  The Wildcats could implode like Rich Rodriguez teams’ in the past. I don’t think they will. And, the Sun Devils could miraculously win the Pac 12 South, beat Oregon in the Pac 12 Title Game, and go the Final 4. I don’t think they will.

EB: If Arizona State is to reach the playoff they can’t lose more than 2 games.