Arizona Cardinals Seek Help from Former Foes During Bye Week


The Arizona Cardinals are on bye-week and can’t make up ground in the NFC West division. Wins from former foes, however, will do just that.

The Arizona Cardinals do not play this week, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to make up ground in their NFC West division.

The Cardinals currently sit at 3-4-1, which is good for second place behind the Seattle Seahawks. Pete Carroll’s Seahawks are 4-2-1 at the top of the division, with the Cards, Los Angeles Rams (3-4), and the San Francisco 49ers (1-6) trailing.

The Seahawks gives off the most concern to the Cardinals, and rightfully so, since they’re working on their sixth play-off appearance in the last seven seasons. Both respective teams have clashed for the NFC West for the last three years.

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The Cardinals will need help from the Buffalo Bills this weekend, as they head to Seattle for the Monday night game. The Bills are 4-4 through the season’s halfway mark and fresh off of two losses. A loss at home would trim the Seahawks’ division lead to just one game over the Cardinals.

The Rams could also do the Cardinals a favor this week with a loss against the Carolina Panthers. They’ll host the reigning NFC-champs, who currently sit in last place in the NFC South. The Rams look to avoid four straight losses, while Cam Newton’s Panthers look to tally back-to-back wins for the first time this season.

It won’t be easy, Cards fans. But yes, you will have to root for the Panthers. These are the same Panthers who have eliminated the Cardinals in two straight postseasons, but they could really do them a favor this week and create separation from the Rams, even if it is just a half-game advantage.

And yes, the Bills. You’ll have to root for them, too. The Bills edged the Cardinals 33-18 in Week 3, but they have a chance to cut the Seahawks division lead to a single game. The 49ers host the New Orleans Saints, but their poor record doesn’t make a difference in the division.

The Cardinals first half of the 2016 was painful. They lost games they should have won, and failed to come through in big games. Most importantly, they dug themselves a hole that might be tricky to get out of.

Sure, they don’t play this week and can’t actually gain ground in the division themselves. But, they might be able to do just that through the help of former foes.

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A win from both teams certainly puts the Cardinals back in play-off contention.