3 Highlights From Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary Celebration

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The Arizona Diamondbacks had a bunch of festivities on Saturday night as part of their 20th Anniversary celebration.

Although the Arizona Diamondbacks don’t call it ‘Old Timers’ Day’, they pretty much have the same tradition as the New York Yankees. Every season, a gigantic group of former players get together to play real baseball in front of the hometown fans. This year, the alumni game had a little bit more cache, though. It was, after all, grouped into Saturday’s 20th Anniversary celebration at Chase Field before their game against San Francisco.

Besides the alumni game, the celebration also included an official recognition of the Diamondbacks’ fan-selected 20th Anniversary Team, a video tribute, and a special giveaway at the gate.

For fans, this was the day to come to the ballpark if you’re nostalgic about the D-Backs. Alumni games in the past have had some stars, but between the alumni game and the 20th Anniversary team, it was a who’s who of Arizona Diamondbacks’ baseball.

Among the massive group of players in attendance, some of the most notable names included six-time All-Star Curt Schilling, five-time All-Star Luis Gonzalez, and former Cy Young winners Randy Johnson and Brandon Webb.

‘Team Red’ wound up beating ‘Team Purple’ in the alumni game by a score of 1-0 but there were so many highlights and things to talk about. Here are the ones that stuck out the most.

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