Phoenix Suns: Steve Nash is Covering Soccer For B/R Live

Former Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash is covering soccer for Bleacher Report nowadays.

Fresh off his induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, former Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash is jumping into broadcasting. Only it’s not basketball that he’s diving into; instead, the two-time NBA MVP is taking his talents to the soccer field with Bleacher Report’s new B/R Live service.

On Tuesday, Nash made his debut for B/R Live as an in-studio soccer analyst.

While surprising at first, Nash has gotten solid reviews from a lot of credible sources. Sports Illustrated’s Jacob Feldman spoke very highly of his performance, noting that there would have been “few people better suited for his role.”

More from Feldman:

For one, he seems to have the chops. (Nash owns a stake in Vancouver’s MLS team and his brother played for the Canadian national team.) I’m no Grant Wahl, but I was impressed with Nash’s ability to dive into game strategy and critique coaches or players when necessary. What I enjoyed most from the 44-year-old was his enthusiasm when reacting to a marvelous move.

Additionally, the aforementioned Grant Wahl, one of the most respected soccer experts around, signed off on Nash’s performance.

B/R Live is a new service for UEFA Champions League matches. Per Sports Illustrated, you can buy singles matches or sign up for a subscription.

Nash was drafted by the Phoenix Suns in the legendary 1996 NBA Draft (No. 15 overall). After a stop in Dallas, Nash returned to Phoenix for a stretch that launched him into the Hall of Fame. From 2004 to 2012 with Phoenix, he made six All-Star appearances, won two MVP awards, and led the team to two Western Conference Finals.

With the Suns, he also led the NBA in assists on five separate occasions.

Besides his new job, Nash is on the Golden State Warriors staff as a Player Development consultant.