Dear Arizona Sports Fans: All FanSided Swag is on Sale Until Halloween

The FanSided Swag Shop is having a sale on everything, including Arizona sports gear, from now until Halloween.

Since Halloween can be a scary time for some people, the fine folks at FanSided have decided to reduce the price of the ENTIRE store. And if you haven’t seen the store lately, known to the cool kids as the Swag Shop, it’s been completely revamped and loaded with new and originally-designed products. Like, really cool products, including merch featuring the HeatWaved logo and other Arizona-themed designs.

Everything that meets the eye will be 10-percent off from now until Halloween so stop what you’re doing and get your shop on. I’d recommend joining the Rewards Program, too, since it will undoubtedly save you more money down the line.

Check out some of the latest creations below, courtesy of the official FanSided Swag Instagram account.

But if you don’t feel like navigating the Swag Shop to find Arizona-themed sports gear — which is easy but I understand — let me provide you with some hand-picked products that are totally legit and sure to start some conversations.

There’s an Arizona State football shirt, which I personally designed, that features five pillars of Sun Devils’ fandom on super-soft fabric. It’s available in four different color schemes, including a maroon-and-gold option, and is definitely one of the coolest shirts on the entire site. Personally, I have the black-and-gold version but I’d recommend ordering a size up because they run a bit small. Check out the maroon-and-gold version below via the FanSided Swag Instagram account:

Another one that’s related to Arizona sports and super stylish is from our own personal HeatWaved lineup — the HeatWaved three-quarter sleeve raglan shirt. This one, also available in four color schemes, is more than just stylish: it’s also super rare because the HeatWaved line is one of the latest to hit the Swag Shop. You’ll be the coolest person in Starbucks with one of these, no question about it.

With winter coming up, the HeatWaved hoodie could also be a good idea for fanatics of Arizona sports. There are three color options to choose from, though I’d say the classic HeatWaved red is the chicest of the bunch.

Some other HeatWaved sale items include wall art, short-sleeve shirts, phone cases, hats, and a coffee mug that I use every morning. Additionally, there are lines from our friends at ‘Zona ZealotsRaising ‘ZonaValley of the Suns, and 25-plus other cities.

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If you’re on FanSided, you’re a major sports fan. If you’re a major sports fan, you’ll seriously enjoy the Swag Shop. And everyone enjoys a good sale, so make sure to take a look! I’d know, I ordered (and wear way too often) the most blogger-friendly hoodie on the planet…from the FanSided Swag Shop.