Things Will Get Worse Before Better For Phoenix Suns

The upcoming week of games for the Phoenix Suns doesn’t lighten up but come November, there’s a slight reprieve.

To start the year, the Phoenix Suns inspired a ton of confidence in their fans. They steamrolled the Dallas Mavericks in the final six minutes of their opener, eventually winning by more than 20 points. Immediately after, I personally thought it was a whole new ballgame. I mean, Phoenix actually closed out an opponent, and they did it in style with a vintage hot-handed performance from Devin Booker. As the first week came to a close, though, all the initial hope seems to have vanished.

Phoenix dropped three games in a row following their opening night onslaught, with none of them coming by a single-digit deficit. The defense that looked capable in Game 1 is nowhere to be found, as is the toughness that fought off a Mavericks’ fourth-quarter comeback bid. All totaled up, the Suns allowed 373 points between Games 2 and 4 (124.3 per game) while they’ve managed just a shade over 100 on the offensive end.

And while their opponents have improved since their initial win over Dallas, it’s not like they have an easy stretch coming up this week. In fact, the one game on deck they probably should win, Saturday at Memphis, will be played without Booker because of an injured hamstring.

Right now, the Phoenix Suns need consecutive wins to restore confidence. But playing at Memphis is tough as it is, and without Booker, their offense will really be tested. Beyond that, they face three consecutive teams bound for the postseason (at Oklahoma City, vs. San Antonio, and vs. Toronto) which means Phoenix could be 1-7 by the second day of November.

From there, the Igor and company finally get a golden opportunity with back-to-back games they’ll likely be favored to win. Phoenix hosts Memphis on Sunday, November 4th, followed by Brooklyn on Tuesday, November 6th. Consecutive wins won’t give fans thoughts of the playoffs but a winning streak is a winning streak and they desperately need something.

Like Lou Brown once told his team in Major League II, “it HAS happened before.”