Morning Meltdown – Arizona Cardinals Edition


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Let’s take a look into some of the buzz surrounding the Arizona Cardinals.

By now you have probably heard all about the beatdown the Cardinals served to the Texans last night, and luckily for you, the internet is now swimming in pro-Cardinal articles.

The first piece we are going to share for the Morning Meltdown is one written by John Weinfuss of He discusses, in depth, his thoughts on the Cardinals first preseason game.

"“Because of the first and second team’s offensive success, Thomas was given the ball for the entire second half. He looked calm and collected in the pocket, not appearing to make any hasty decisions that plagued him in practice. He went 7-for-8 for 69 yards in the third quarter and finished 11-for-12 for 113 yards and a touchdown. His passes were crisp and direct but they didn’t have the usual velocity on them. Overthrowing his receivers or them not handling his passes wasn’t an issue Saturday night.”"

To read the rest of his observations, click here.

The second article for this morning is from our very own, Tony Burgess. He analyzed the game in depth and wrote a recap for everything that happened last night,

"“The Arizona Cardinals were blazing in the desert Saturday night as they would put on a show against the Houston Texans with a 32-0 victory. Both sides of the ball played extremely well with the offense scoring on command and the defense forcing turnovers.What would end up standing from the rest, though, would be the Cardinals’ high-flying offensive attack. It did not matter who was playing quarterback.”"

To read the rest of his article, click here.

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