NFL NFC West Standings Week Two: Cardinals 2-0


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The Arizona Cardinals are atop of NFC West bracket, after the first two weeks of the NFL season.

In Week One the Cardinals beat the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football in a dramatic say the least. To read the recap of the Week One game, click here.

Over the weekend the Cardinals travelled to New York without their starting quarterback and were still able to come away with the victory. Click here for the Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Giants recap.

The Cardinals are on top of the NFC West division and yesterday Bruce Arians was quoted saying,

"“Once you’re in first place you want to stay there.” Arians said. “You’ve done the job so far. You look at the tape and know you can play even better, a lot better than yesterday, and you respect your opponent coming in that we haven’t beaten in a while.”"

Everything seems to be going Arizona’s way right now and we aren’t complaining!

The team will look to go 3-0 as the San Francisco 49ers travel to Arizona on Sunday.

Click here to see their full schedule

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