No Copper For Arizona Wildcats In Fiesta Bowl


The Arizona Wildcats will be wearing blue helmets, red jerseys and red pants against Boise State in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl on Dec. 31. This is the exact uniform combination Arizona wore at home against USC earlier this year.

If you’re into the numbers, here’s a break down of how well the Cats play in each color.

When wearing blue helmets, Arizona is 3-1 with wins against UNLV, Washington and Utah, with the one loss coming from USC. Arizona also finished 3-1 when wearing red jerseys with wins against Nevada, Washington and most importantly ASU. The loss coming from USC, once again.

When wearing the red pants though, Arizona is just 2-3. Their wins have come against Oregon and ASU, but they have losses to USC, UCLA and Oregon in the Pac-12 Championship game.

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No matter what the Wildcats wear, they always look good. Many were looking forward to wearing the copper helmets that were worn against Oregon State in 2012 and ASU in 2013, both of which resulted in losses.

Many believed that Arizona was going to wear copper helmets against Arizona State this year, which would have been fitting. They decided to go with the all red and they won, so no complaints here.

Copper helmets would have made sense for the Fiesta Bowl. It’s not every day that you get to play in a College Football Playoff bowl game in your own backyard. It would have been a great way to represent your state on a national level.

Oh well, we’re sure Greg Byrne has his reasons behind it.

Check back here later this week for a breakdown on Boise State’s offense heading into the Fiesta Bowl.