Could Jeff Hornacek End Up At Iowa State?


The Phoenix Suns head into this offseason with much uncertainty.

The organization has to decide on whether they want to invest big money in Brandon Knight for the next several seasons, what to do with Markieff and Marcus Morris with their pending legal issues and must decide on who the face of the franchise is going to be going forward.

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There could be another problem on the horizon that no one saw coming. According to Ken Berger of CBS Sports, Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek could be a candidate for the Iowa State position if their current head coach Fred Hoiberg decides to take a job elsewhere.

With the New Orleans Hornets having fired Monty Williams, they are suddenly in need of a new coach and Berger believes that Tom Thibodeau will be at the top of their list. If the Hornets hire Thibodeau then the Bulls could look to hire Hoiberg to be Thibs replacement.

In case your head hurts, here’s word-for-word on what Berger has to say.

"If Thibodeau and the Bulls, indeed, parted ways, it would set off shockwaves in the coaching business. Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg is widely believed to be the Bulls’ preferred replacement, but who would replace him in Ames, Iowa?There’s a growing belief that Iowa State would try to lure another Cyclones great from the NBA: Suns coach Jeff Hornacek, currently making less than Hoiberg’s average salary with less security than college jobs offer."

Obviously, a lot has to happen for this to go down. Thibodeau and the Bulls would have to move on from one another, Hoiberg would have to say yes to the Bulls job and of course Hornacek would have to agree to go to Iowa State.

I think the probability on Thibs and Chicago parting ways is very high. He’s a great coach, but his style wears thin on players and it’s probably time for both sides to move on.

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Coaching in the NBA is the ultimate goal for any basketball coach, but I’m not sure if Hoiberg is a great fit at the pro level. The former guard has a great thing going at Iowa State having made four straight NCAA Tournament appearances with at least 23+ wins in each season.

As for Hornacek, rarely do you see a head coach in any sport go from the pros to the collegiate level. Iowa State is Hornacek’s alma mater however and add that with the fact that it’s a solid program, it wouldn’t be shocking if he at least explored the option if Hoiberg did indeed leave.

If I was a betting man, I would put money on Hornacek being back on the Suns bench come next season, but when a man’s alma mater is in play, you just never know. If Hornacek did indeed leave, it would be a big blow to an organization looking for answers this summer.

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