Heat Waved Fantasy Football Draft Follow-Up

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No. 1 Pick: Nick Kennealy

Q. Why did you choose Aaron Rodgers with the first overall pick with so many other options who could have gone No. 1?

A. I chose Aaron Rodgers first overall because in points per reception league, quarterbacks are incredibly valuable. I saw Rodgers as a great path to build the league winning roster, because of his ability to throw and range of recievers and and a great running back.

Q. With the Odell Beckham/Jordy Nelson combo pick in the 2nd and 3rd round, do you thing that’ll make up for your lack of depth at RB?

A. The Odell Beckham/Jordy Nelson combo I think was a great choice.Will it make up the lack of depth at RB? I’d say if Beckham Jr. has another break-out year and Jordy Nelson does the same,it may be possible. I drafted Joique Bell for running back, but it appears I might have to wait for that.

Q. What grade would you give your draft and why?

A. I’d have to go with a B, B+ maybe. I think I lucked out with Aaron Rodgers, Odell Beckham Jr., Jordy Nelson, and still getting other great pieces like Joique Bell, who is suffering from an achilees/knee injury, Bills D/ST, Zach Ertz at TE, and Stephen Hauschka at kicker.