Heat Waved Fantasy Football Draft Follow-Up

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No. 2 Pick: Madalyn Heimann 

Q. Why did you choose Eddie Lacy with the second overall pick?

A. I chose Eddie Lacy with my second overall pick because of his indisputable ability to put fantasy points up. He had a rough start to 2014, but was able to start collecting yards (and points) towards the middle of the season. Lacy has amazing run ability, and is a hard player to tackle. He has also proven himself as pass catcher, and with Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback that is not too hard to accumulate yards. Lacy is predicted to have more than 250 points in 2015 and will be a valuable running back on my fantasy roster.

Q. How confident are you in your pick with Andre Ellington at 22nd overall? Also, how confident are you with the Carson Palmer pick at 39th overall?

A. You know something is good when you see it. I have watched Andre Ellington “grow-up” as a football player. He is coming off a season where he could not stay healthy, but put up some great numbers in 2014. I watched Ellington at the Cardinals training camp and he almost looks unrecognizable. He has put on weight and looks to be even more explosive with the ball in his hands. With a beefed up offensive line and getting healthy this offseason, I have confidence in Ellington to put up some point in 2015.

Carson Palmer was a mess last season, but still managed to put up more than 20 point in every game he played and completed. I have confidence in Palmer because of his extreme success following his injury in 2006, having one of his best seasons in his career and where he was selected to a Pro-Bowl and won Pro-Bowl MVP. My confidence is also backed up by the fact that his arm strength has improved; he has an offensive line that may never give up a sack, and has receivers like Floyd, Fitzgerald, and Brown. Palmer has looked nothing put exceptional in training camp, and will be able to complete with some of the best come September.

Q. What grade would you give your draft and why?

A. I would give my draft a B. I was able to get some players that I really wanted, but missed on several that would have made my team better. I liked my picks at wide receiver, with Damaryius Thomas, DeAndre Hopkins, John Brown, and Eric Decker. This wide receiving core gives me the ability to switch out receivers if needed. One of the players that I really wanted to get was Chandler Catanzaro, who was picked one pick ahead of mine. He would have been a great back up to Connor Barth out of Denver. Overall I really like the way my team is looking; now lets just hope they stay healthy.