Heat Waved Fantasy Football Draft Follow-Up

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No. 4 Pick: Kyle Jacobs

Q. Why did you choose Le’Veon Bell with the fourth overall pick?

A.I chose Bell because even with his suspension, the reward of having him is much greater than the risk. It sounds simple enough but I truly believed he was my best option with the fourth pick. Knowing he’s suspended and still taking him in that spot wasn’t easy for me to do but he’s well worth the risk in my opinion.

The fact that he’s an every down back that can run or catch the ball in any situation makes him incredibly valuable. Having DeAngelo Williams as his backup could potentially hurt how many touches he gets in a game but his combination of carries plus catches out of the backfield is a package that is hard to pass up.

Q. Do you think Bell should have gone first overall, but due to his two-game suspension you were able to land him at fourth?

A. To be honest, I think there’s about maybe 6 or 7 players you could make a case for at #1 and Bell is definitely one of those guys. Rodgers, Peterson, Lacy, Charles, Bell, Lynch and Foster are all worthy candidates to be taken first overall and you could even argue for a handful of other players as well.

But hypothetically speaking, if Bell wasn’t suspended and I had the #1 pick, I would have taken him. While I can’t say he should hands down be #1, I will say that I strongly feel that the only reason I was able to get him at #4 was due to his suspension.

Q. What grade would you give your draft and why?

A. I would give myself a B grade. I really like my top three running backs (Bell, Morris, Miller) and I think that position is the strongest on my team. My QB’s, especially Newton and Ryan, are going to be solid contributors to my team every week.

My weakest area is TE. I only drafted one tight end (Delanie Walker). However, I think he will be a more valuable option in the passing game for Mariota and the Titans than people are giving him credit for. I think I could have drafted a bit better at the WR position but I still feel confident having AJ Green and Brandin Cooks as my top two receivers. I’m also wishfully anticipating that either Amari Cooper or Martavis Bryant will put up big numbers this season as well.

I’m thrilled to have Mason Crosby as my kicker. The Packers were first in the NFL in scoring last season and they should be up there again so having Crosby paired with Green Bay’s explosive offense should help his contribution to my team on a weekly basis.

Overall, I feel really good about the team I put together. The only thing I can do now before the regular season starts is hope that none of my guys get hurt in training camp or the pre-season!