Heat Waved Fantasy Football Draft Follow-Up

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No. 6 Pick: Joshua Frons

Q. Why did you choose Adrian Peterson with the sixth overall pick?

A. Nobody can dispute that Adrian Peterson is one of the greatest running backs of all time. This offseason, the Vikings added Norv Turner, pairing Peterson with one of the best offensive coordinators in football.

Turner loves to pass the ball to his running backs and I love the idea of Peterson in open space, but even without the five catches for 50 yards a game he’ll have this season, (10 fantasy points) he’ll rush for over 100 yards in most games and he’s still the Vikings best red zone and goal line threat.

I believe he’s done getting into trouble so there’s no risk for me there.  I always take a running back in the first round, so the other three options for me were Arian Foster, DeMarco Murray and LeSean McCoy.  Foster isn’t as big of a workhorse as Peterson (usually splitting carries) and the latter two are on different teams so I looked atthat as a bigger risk.

Q. First off, how on Earth did you land Matt Forte 15th overall in a PPR league? Next, are you happy with your pick of Carlos Hyde, even though Melvin Gordon was snatched up one pick before you?

A. Man was I giddy when picks 10-13 were all not running backs and when C.J. Anderson was picked at 14, my decision was made very easy. Aside from the running backs that will surprise us and come out of nowhere or have breakout years, Forte is the last great running back. There are only ten of them in my eyes so I was happy to get two of them in the top 15 picks.

I really wanted Melvin Gordon. I had him on my queue and everything and I rarely have anybody on my queue. Having him taken one pick ahead of me did really upset me. With that said, I’m very happy to play Carlos Hyde in my flex spot and have him as a spot starter at running back during bye weeks. He will get the majority of the carries in a run-first offense and will break out this year in the absence of Frank Gore.

Q. What grade would you give your draft and why?

A. I’m very happy with my draft. I’m going to give myself a  B+. Of course, I could have gotten a better defense, tight end, and kicker, but I think those are small holes that can be fixed during the year. That was all part of the strategy and I think it’ll work out.

I think my 15th round pick in Derek Carr has a chanceto be a top 10 quarterback this year. He’s a great young talent and the Raiders did actually show signs of improvement last year.

Another pick that has upside is Chris Ivory in the 10th round. He’s the number one running back in a run first offense. I know it’s a busy backfield but I think he’ll emerge as the best of the bunch. It is really tough when you draft this early but it should be a fun season regardless!