Heat Waved Fantasy Football Draft Follow-Up

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No. 7 Pick: Jackson Manchego 

Q. Why did you choose Arian Foster with the seventh overall pick?

A. Usually when I go into a draft I like to take away the second-guessing. I’ve learned that taking the best available guy according ESPN is usually the way to go. In this case it was Arian Foster. There’s no question that if he stays healthy he can be a top producer in the league. Taking him with the 7th pick I’m trying to count on him staying healthy to help lead my team. I know that’s risky given his injury history but I was willing to run that risk.

Q. In the third round you selected Ben Roethlisberger over Drew Brees… Why did you do that?

A. Going into the third round I needed a quarterback. The decision came between Big Ben Roethlisburger and Drew Brees. Both QB’s are really good picks whichever way you go. I chose to go with Roethlisburger. I had some concerns on how Brees would be able to produce without Jimmy Graham. My thinking is that very good weapons surround Ben. I felt that Ben was a safer pick for my starting quarterback.

Q. What grade would you give your draft and why?

A. As former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh once said A++…Ok that’s a stretch but I’m actually pretty pleased with how I did. Last year, autodraft took over and gave me 4 subpar running backs to fill up my bench so this is a much better draft for me. I think I was actually able to draft a good bench this year which should help out when it comes to bye weeks.