Fantasy Football: Running Back Tier Breakdown

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Jun 9, 2015; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington during minicamp practice at the Cardinals Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After breaking down the fantasy football quarterback tiers, we will now begin to break down the six tiers of running backs.

This year seems like it has the most amount of teams sticking with a running back by committee mindset. Nothing bugs myself, as well as every other fantasy football player, than these committees. For NFL teams it makes perfect sense to limit the opportunity for injury for their players, while also allowing a running back with fresh legs to be on the field at all times.

If you have one of the top five picks in your fantasy football league I would highly recommend you select one of the tier one running backs as they are your safest bets on running backs this year.

Tier two and tier three backs could definitely perform as RB1’s this year if you decide to go with a QB, WR, or TE in the first couple rounds, but it is definitely a gamble compared to one of the top five guys.

Take a look at the tier breakdown in the following slides…